First time abroad: how to plan vacation

First time abroad: how to plan vacation

This article and tips for those who go on a holiday abroad for the first time. You’ll know which destination to choose on which criteria to navigate, how to fly and what to do on arrival, how things are going in General.

Where to go

So, you have a passport, have accumulated money and are going for the first time to travel abroad. Where to go, where to relax, where to go? So many interesting directions, such tempting prices, such beautiful photos and pictures on the Internet. But do not rush to wipe the Maldives, Bali or Cuba. Do not complicate your task.

For the first holiday from abroad it is better to choose a popular tourist destination with short flights, a large choice of tour operators, flights and hotels, Russian speaking staff at the hotel. Turkey, Cyprus, Montenegro. This may also include Bulgaria and Greece, but these types of holidays is complicated by the fact that you have to do a visa.

Why these countries are perfect for the first holiday by the sea abroad?

Because to fly them about three hours (plus or minus, depending on specific areas). Second, data fields are many competing operators, each formed their own tours, their flights, their departure airports, accommodation in General, a really great selection. Thirdly, in all these areas of accommodation on the system «all inclusive», which is convenient and greatly simplifies the rest, especially if you are flying for the first time. Fourth, in all of these areas with the right choice of accommodation will not have problems with the language don’t have knowledge local or English languages.

Package tour or independent travel

If you follow the advice and choose for a first holiday abroad one of the above areas, it is cheaper and more convenient to fly as part of a package tour.

What is a package tour?

It has already formed a package that includes flights, accommodation in selected hotel on the basis of selected food, medical insurance and Shuttle service. That is, booking a tour, you’ll need to solve some more questions except what to pack and not forget the documents.

Besides, most popular destinations, the travel purchase costs much cheaper than booking individual segments – flights, hotel, insurance, etc.

If you decide to go to more exotic and distant surroundings, for example, the Maldives, Cuba, Bali, Sri Lanka, etc., in this situation be to compare the prices of tour operators and the cost of independent travelers. European destinations – Italy, Spain, Croatia in the peak season also generally cheaper as part of a tour.

Where to find tours, see prices, buy permits

The main mistake of those who are going abroad for the first time, is the process of finding tours. Usually, future tourists simply enter in Yandex or Google queries like: «how much is a holiday in Montenegro». Well and get, respectively, the average prices, which in fact can not say anything. Because the final price depends on the departure airport, length of stay, level of the hotel, dates, etc.

Search tours can be on such popular services as,, To search you need to enter the country, city of departure, date range, departure (that is, those dates you can fly on holiday), the number of nights of the tour (for example, 7 to 10), level of the hotel, if it matters, the number of tourists.

Next, see the results, choose the most interesting. To book a tour in the office of the tour operator (these search engines indicate which operator offers tours), or online (such a possibility offer onlinetours,, travelata).

For booking you need to fill data of passengers, all carefully cross-check and pay for (often enough for booking a Deposit of 30% of the tour price, the rest after confirmation from the hotel).

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